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Over the course of the last 25 years, Ken Haber has handled cases involving virtually every type of criminal offense, from DUI and drug possession to health care, computer and wire fraud to murder cases in which the death penalty is sought. Ken has successfully defended over 3,000 clients and has won acquittals before juries and judges in hundreds of cases, including rarely earned jury acquittals in federal court.

A Pittsburgh native, Ken received his undergraduate and law degree from the University of Pittsburgh. While at Pitt, he was a member of law review and graduated near the top of his class. Following graduation, Ken was a prosecutor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Allegheny County) for five years. He partnered with Bill Difenderfer and Lee Rothman shortly following his transition into criminal defense work and has been representing people who have been charged with crimes in federal and state court for over two decades.

Today, Ken tackles the most complex legal and evidentiary issues facing clients in criminal court. Ken has handled over 50 homicide cases, many of which he has tried to verdict and received acquittals for his clients. In 2017, he earned a Not Guilty verdict in a double homicide that was originally charged by the Commonwealth as a death penalty case. After lodging a defense that challenged the validity of the DNA evidence and the credibility of the eyewitness, the Allegheny County jury returned its verdict after only two hours of deliberation.

Ken’s expertise related to criminal defense extends to both state and federal court. While his practice focuses on the representation of people charged with crimes, it also includes the representation of people who are the subject of an investigation (pre-indictment). Representation at this stage is critical, particularly in federal white collar investigations, where he has had many clients avoid the filing of charges in such instances. A tenacious litigator, Ken’s case work includes challenging the overreaching of law enforcement in Fourth Amendment issues and protecting the rights of those criminally accused at every stage of the prosecution.

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