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The Most Powerful Defense Is Prevention

A criminal defense lawyer is critical when charges have been filed. However, there is often significant preventative work that can be done even before a person has been formally charged. If you have reason to believe you may be under investigation for a criminal offense, it pays to secure legal counsel immediately. Prompt action can sometimes spell the difference between a simple and discreet resolution or a costly public trial that jeopardizes your future.

At Difenderfer, Rothman, Haber & Mancuso, P.C. in Pittsburgh, we have more than 100 years of cumulative experience defending tens of thousands of clients against all types of criminal charges. High-profile individuals from diverse backgrounds trust in our sophisticated strategies and proven skills. In many cases, we have been able to help clients avoid arrests and formal charges simply by becoming involved in the investigatory stage.

The Advantages Of Early Intervention

In many cases, investigations by the FBI or local police departments end up resulting in criminal charges being filed. At Difenderfer, Rothman, Haber & Mancuso, P.C., we understand how to work with the authorities ahead of time with the goal of dissuading them from pressing charges at all. Even when charges are forthcoming, early intervention by a skilled attorney gives us a head start in preparing your defense.

Call us immediately. If you have any suspicion that you are being investigated by the authorities, it is critical to get an experienced legal team on your side without delay. With early intervention, we may be able to prevent charges from being filed.

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