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Sophisticated Defense Against White-Collar Crime Charges

When facing white collar crimes charges – especially those tried in federal court – you want a seasoned defense lawyer on your side who has extensive legal knowledge and razor-sharp trial skills.

Secure the counsel and advocacy of Difenderfer, Rothman, Haber & Mancuso, P.C.. Our attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience in over 25,000 cases across Pennsylvania. Our team is highly and uniquely skilled at breaking down these complicated cases, analyzing the details of each one, and crafting nuanced strategies to pursue “not guilty” verdicts whenever possible.

Most white-collar crimes are prosecuted in federal court. When you are up against the massive resources of the federal government, you need an attorney who has the experience and toughness to stand toe to toe with the prosecution and the knowledge to navigate the procedural and evidentiary complexity of federal court proceedings.

Combating A Spectrum Of Fraud Allegations

The vast majority of white-collar crime charges involve some form of alleged fraud. At its essence, fraud involves obtaining financial gain through some form of deception. Our attorneys represent clients charged with offenses such as:

  • Insurance fraud: There are many forms of insurance fraud, including false accident claims, Medicaid and Medicare fraud, the use of a false identity to obtain health care benefits and false property damage claims.
  • Fraudulent billing: Fraudulent billing can occur in any industry and involve completely fabricated accounts or padding existing charges with extra costs.
  • Securities fraud: This type of fraud involves misrepresentation in the context of stocks and other investments under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Misrepresentations to shareholders, insider trading, outright theft or breach of fiduciary duty can all fall under a securities fraud charge.
  • Embezzlement: Embezzlement is a breach of trust in which an agent withholds company assets for the purpose of conversion.
  • Money laundering: An accusation of money laundering involves routing assets through an intermediary in order to conceal the source of the assets. This can be done as a means of tax evasion or outright theft.
  • Computer crimes: These can include identity theft, altering information for the purpose of fraud or accessing secure information without permission (“hacking”).

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