Top-Tier Advocacy In High-Stakes Cases

Vigorously Defending Pennsylvania College Students

College is a time when teens mature and discover who they are as adults. It is quite common for part of that learning experience to include a serious mistake or two along the way. In college, even the most upstanding and intelligent students may be influenced by the wrong crowd and make missteps that jeopardize their futures. Although this is a common part of growing up, a criminal conviction could be catastrophic for a student’s future career prospects.

At Difenderfer, Rothman, Haber & Mancuso, P.C., we have an established track record of protecting the rights and reputations of college students and their families. For decades, we have been providing sophisticated, effective defense for students enrolled in colleges throughout Western Pennsylvania, including the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, Duquesne University, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, California University of Pennsylvania, Penn State University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Chatham University, Carlow University, Robert Morris University, and Point Park University. We are a premier name in criminal defense.

We provide unparalleled representation in the following matters, among countless others:

  • Drug and alcohol charges: For students under the age of 21, underage drinking is a common charge, and marijuana and other recreational drugs have long been a common part of the college experience.
  • Date rape: Sex crimes are among the most common charges occurring on college campuses. In many cases, they include “date-rape drugs” and occur at house parties on or near the campus.
  • Title IX allegations: Knowing the damage Title IX allegations can cause on students’ reputations and futures, we are effective and passionate advocates for the rights of students accused of sexual misconduct on college campuses. We provide representation at disciplinary proceedings to students facing suspension or expulsion from their educational institution.
  • Violent crime charges: Another part of the party scene on most colleges are disagreements that escalate into physical confrontations, usually fueled by too much alcohol or the presence of illegal drugs.
  • Theft and property crimes: It is not uncommon for a student who is under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs to engage in risky behaviors such as theft, shoplifting, and trespassing.

Combating Expulsion And Building A Brighter Future

At Difenderfer, Rothman, Haber & Mancuso, P.C., our mission is to protect students from the long-lasting ramifications of a criminal conviction. We also have a wealth of experience representing students before their schools’ disciplinary boards to prevent expulsion or a negative mark on their academic records. Call us as soon as possible at (412) 338-9990 or email us to request immediate assistance.